Saturday, January 5, 2013

Living Room Envy.

I have some serious Living Room Envy right about now. 

I am enthralled with some of these picturesque homes.

Candace Bushnell:
Absolutely love the above space and cannot fault one thing. The abstract art countered with the neutral setee is perfection.

Aerin Lauder:
This living space is from Aerin's East Hampton house. The colour palette is very sea appropriate, however I am not loving the straw-like carpet.


Jessica Stam:
Very inspired by this space, but I feel the colour of the curtains are letting the room down. It is hard to tell but they look like inverted pleats. The hue/tint combination in the curtains/wallcolour is just too much for me.

  Nina Garcia:
Again, perfection. Nina Garcia is a true style icon in my eyes. 

Jennifer Lopez:
Love this space.  Absolutely flawless. 

Fellow bloggers, have you got any favourite Living Rooms? If so, please share!

- Mon Sparkles

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