Saturday, January 26, 2013

Curling Wand/Stick.

My Curling Tongs are on the verge of a breakdown. I have been using my $30 Remington large barrel tongs for about 2 years now. Quite frankly at that price, I am surprised they have lasted the distance.

So I am either thinking either the Cloud 9 or Muk Curl Stick.

Cloud 9 Wand:

From what I was reading there are a three different types of the Cloud 9 Wand. I can rule out the "Micro Wand" because that appears rather small. So that leaves the "Waving Wand" or the "Wand" (pictured).

Muk Curl Stick: 


Has anyone used either of these items? If so, what are your preferences and why?

Or does anyone have any other recommendations? 

- Mon Sparkles


  1. Love your blog! Just started following you on GFC!
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  2. Muk Curl Stick!! 110% I cannot recommend it enough!

    1. That is good to know! I think I am leaning towards the Muk! Thanks! :)